Walking The Path with Pain

I have a disability, chronic nerve pain, my nerves in my spine have decided to take over my life….I’ve lived with this for the past 11-12 yrs before it was diagnosed, what started it all was herniating a couple discs in my back over and over until the nerves decided to stay frayed! It Sucks!!

I’ve been living my life with allowing myself to about 1 hr of of pleasure a day, this summer has been really cruel, I was bit by a black fly, it took a chunk out of my face and caused a major gland infection, then after weeding for an hour one day, other then the regular wrath my body gives me, my tailbone decided to swell up and send me to the hospital in severe pain.

Last evening I felt a bit less pain and was able to do something I love to do…….take pictures!

Taking pictures has always been a bit of a hobby, I’ve never been able to afford big expensive cameras so I make do with what I have and right now I have a little Fuji Fine Pix C10,with 3 x zoom, it works pretty good! It is outdated already but it fits me just fine.


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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