I Missed a Picture/War is on!

On my evening stroll around my garden, I came to my hand grown from seed Peach Tree that is now over 6 ft. tall.  I’ve come to think this beautiful tree will never bear fruit, as every fall I’ve had to spray it with Fungus Killer because it keeps getting leaf curl and fungus, I’ve done every thing I’m suppose to and I dote over it in the spring and watch in hurried patience but there it is every time the leaves start to unravel…..Fungus and Leaf Curl !! Six years I’ve battled this and I think it will never give me sweet peaches. I’ll just be happy if all it gives me is sweet shade.

The reason I called this “I missed a Picture” is because I stopped in front of the tree because  I spotted a little Red Ant running up and down a branch, I thought he was just running around with no idea what it was looking for until I really looked at what the little guy was doing, it was going to leaf to leaf with his mandibles open and taking a nibble out of every little fungus growth it came upon, it took a chunk out of almost everyone it came across. I stood there for probably 10 minutes watching this little ant, my neighbors must really think I’m nuts because if I’m not standing still in total awe watching insects in my garden I’m bent over studying the little rocks and stones I come across in a gravel patch we have in our back yard that actually houses probably thousands and thousands of ants under it !  I’m actually at war with these ants and do as much killing of them as possible but tonight I gave this ant an extra few days of life because I realized I was in a bigger circle of life  being allowed to watch and admire these little creatures.  I have heard that certain ant’s live only on a fungus they bring to the nest and harvest for their food , maybe that’s what I was watching, to bad I didn’t have my camera, it would of been a neat picture!  But for Someone else getting fruit or fungus off my dear tree !  Well it’s war again! No one is going to eat anything off my tree except me!!


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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