Ancient Finds

There was a China Town in Nanaimo BC, on Vancouver Island, the Chinese were brought in to work the Coal Mines and Sandstone mine on Newcastle Island, the Sandstone blocks were sent to England for their buildings. China town was full of restaurants, the well known Laundry Services, illegal drinking dens,stores, Opium Dens and a Red Light District, just to name a few things you’d find there.
It burnt down in 1962 or 63, never to be built again.
As the years went by, people really never minded the empty land until they heard the land was going to be built on, that’s when treasure hunters and diggers converged on the lots as the bulldozers started clearing the brush off the properties.
I was out walking my dog one weekend and happened to pass by some diggers (bottle & treasure diggers), I stopped and started to talk to them and they proudly showed me their finds, they had real neat opium bottles in different colours and a lot of neat trinkets, I was hooked! A pair of rubber boots a bucket and my little hand shovel and my cane and off I went. The people I had talked to were digging like 4 to 5 ft. down, I could only do about 6 inches but I was finding things like a ton of broken pottery,pieces of old dishes and lots of broken bottles but I did find a lot of bottles that weren’t broken and I hauled them all home proudly only to find they weren’t worth a hell of a lot!, so I got my husband to help me!
We were out behind a new build of dog houses (our name for the kind of row houses that are being built now a days) we were just scouring the ground when my hubby kicked a rock, the rock seemed really light for it’s size, so he picked it up and cleaned it off and realized it wasn’t a rock.
Over the next few months no one could tell us what this Dinosaur egg, poop, or some Chinese medicine stone so we took it to a rock and gem store to find out it was a piece of Jet. Jet is a semi precious Gem also known as Lignite, a product of high pressure decomp of wood from millions of years ago, NEAT STUFF!! I love this kind of stuff,I really wish I had gone farther in school and become either an Archeologist or Geologist or a Veterinarian, I`ve never been any good with science and math so I stuck to cooking….that I`m good at!
Just the other day walking my dogs (again) just in the alley behind my house( this is a little gross) but my Shi-itzu started to have a poop, I got a poop bag all ready for picking it up and bent over to get it when a medium rock caught my eye and I turned my attention to it totally forgetting the poop, this thing is ugly but super neat, it has some kind of fossil imprint all around it and the inside is full of calcium crystals or some kind of mineral , I was thinking of seeing if I could crack it open but talked myself out of it. I did have a teacher in High school who is Vancouver Island`s leading Rock Science Guy so I might ask him about it or a person from the rock and gem club here in town.
When I find out about it I`ll let you know! Who knows, maybe this rock is a lot older then our Dinosaur poop! Oh, I promise to pick up the next poop my dog does!

        From The Earth
        Dinosaur Egg ? Dinosaur Poop? Take a Guess?????

        Just a Rock
        Good find for a rock in my alley!