Beware blind dog :-?

Ok, I’ve seen it all! ( I guess I’m luckier than the bind dog!)
Has everyone seen the sign on the side of the road heading towards Sprout Lake, propped up against a telephone pole??

The very first time I saw it I was in total bewilderment, Beware of a Blind dog?? was there one lurking in the bushes that jumped out at people, maybe eaten some helpless hitch-hiker’s (that we aren’t aware of?), some brave sole decided to leave a message to warn others???
Is there ” Supposedly” a Blind Dog, running out in traffic making people stop, and he/she dog jacks you?? waving his full white doggie bag in the drivers face ? Demanding carrots and Lutein (a vitamin for eyes) Only to help his eyes of course!
…….or is it a trick to make people slow down and actually watch out for a Blind Dog?? Naw….., that’s just darn crazy!!!!
And it makes the least sense to me, it would be stupid and reckless of a person to let a Blind Dog go wandering along the Hwy. especially with the kind of traffic on that scary winding Hwy. at this time of year, or even at any time of year at that!!
My husband told me this evening, the sign was gone, I was a bit saddened,  there goes my imagination  again…………..

Hopefully the owners of “Beware Blind Dog” built a fence that doesn’t have a Braille key code gate lock, or bumps in the cedar fence panels that read “exit this way”, and the neighbors down the Hwy. had their dog fixed as to not lure this possible “Blind (Male/Female) Dog” with natures temptation’s or there’s the awful possibility of “Blind Dog” has met his match on the Hwy. and is now in Blind Dog Heaven. But I guess there’s a chance “Blind Dog” is still wandering and you still have to “BEWARE” because someone stole the sign. So if that’s the case, I hope for the dogs sake, it’s wearing a reflector vest, a glow in the dark Tennis Ball in its mouth or even glow in the dark poop baggies clipped on his collar/vest and tail !! And the owners kicked in the butt then charged with neglect!


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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