I was born on Vancouver Island  and when my parents divorced my father whisked us 3 kids to a bare bones farm in Northern Alberta for 5yrs. I went to school there for grade’s  5 to 9.  I was sent back to Vancouver Island to live with my oldest sister to do my grade 10, in the burbs of Nanaimo,a little place called Cedar,BC.. I had a great time there and had a great group of 4 friends that I missed dearly when I had to go back to the farm for the summer. While my father dealt with the sale of the farm there was little for me to do except my chores,figuring out ways and where to smoke so not to get caught and there was spending a few hours a week visiting with a neighbor boy who lived down the road, we had gone to school together in the same grade, we were friends but nothing else. He was a nice guy, cheeky, your usual teenager,……well maybe not so usual.

One afternoon my father dragged me out to a farm auction, that meant being seen in our 1960’s, 3 in the tree,painted black & white (cow print) w/red interior, International Truck! How embarrassing! Anyways, these people had a son, tall, tanned, muscles all over and single but dumb as a fence post, I don’t even remember if we even spoke! Well, I had a pretty good dream about this guy  the next night, I  also had a dream that included  my  friends in Cedar.  That next day my farm friend dropped by and we were just chatting when he asked me a question ” when did I start going out with Rolland?”  I looked at him funny and asked “where did you hear that? ” his answer ” well, you dreamt about him last night and the way the dream went, I figured you 2 were a couple?”and before I could say anything else he added ” what were you and 4 others doing in a cave? I was stunned! then he went on describing to the T what those 4 people looked like and what the dream was about……I had never mentioned anything about my friends back in BC  to him at all, also,  I had never shown him any picture’s (I never had any) of them, nor had I ever mentioned  anything about a cave  (that was just part of my dream )! and so was the “going out with Rolland” it was  just a teenage girls over active imagination, but my mind was blown away with what my friend told me.  All he could do to explain it was ” I can reach out to your mind when it’s dreaming and I can see what ‘s going on in it,” He also told me there was another guy whom we went to school with that he could Telepathically talk to him when they were awake and sleeping “. All I could say to him was ” Get out of my head and stay out !”Jack Ass! lol!!

Later that year when I was back in Nanaimo I found out he had committed suicide. jumped out in front of a semi in a blind hill, he had no chance of living. I heard that his brain was in overload, and it was the only way to make it stop.

I have a few more stories like this, they will come, one at a time……..



Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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