Coinsidence or Not?? You be the Judge……

  • My first boy/crush was a red headed boy named Mike
  • My second crush was a red head named Charley
  • My third was a red head named Frecks!
  • “I’ve dated 2 guys that had the same birthday as me (not at the same time)
  • One long time boyfriends name “Sean”
  • Been married 23yrs. to a red head named Patrick
  • His fathers name was Sean Peter
  • My fathers name was Peter
  • We adopted a dog , sight and name unseen or heard, his name ” Pete”
  • Our neighbor on the other side of us (in our new home) is Pete, his company has his name Pete in it.
  • Our Pete neighbor’s wife…. is Louise
  • My middle name is Louise, ( both Libra’s)
  • The neighbor’s name who lives beside Pete & Louise, is  another Patrick
  •  we had a friend we visited often who lived not far from our previous home, named Darryle
  • Our neighbor across the street where we live now & we’ve grown close too “Darryle
  • Our  neighbor behind us in previous city was a retired school teacher
  • Our neighbor beside us now ..a school teacher..and Darryle across the street… a retired teacher
  • We left our previous home because of increased “Crack Activity”in the neighborhood
  • The first week after we moved to our new house in a new city, there was a drug bust right across the street
  • The guy who put in our cable,  was Patrick
  • My hubby Patrick joined a ball team, Patrick the cable guy was on the team, unknowingly to my Patrick.

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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