One More Medicated Night

It’s 2 am in the morn., I should of been asleep 3 hours ago, given I have a scrumptiously warm, flannel sheeted, 6 pillowed bed and my sweet old fluffy Shi-itzu to cuddle with.

What’s keeping me up is an antagonizing deep ache in every joint,muscle and nerve. It’s starting to be a regular occurrence, getting up from a nights sleep only after laying down an hour or 2, my poor brain tells me to go back to sleep but my body keeps screaming no.!

I take an extra couple  anti-inflammatory pills and a breakthrough shot of my Medicinal Juice, maybe a  muscle relaxant just to help get back to sleep. Oh and not to forget a swig of face twisting, gasping for air, eye watering Buckley’s Cough medicine to help with the pieces of lung that seem to gurgle and wheeze to be heard by all around me , my body”s way of telling me to  hack up the greenish brown lumps of crap.

So. as I sit here passing time to see if my poorly built ( a Doctor once told me that) falling apart body will surrender to all the chemicals I ingest and let me rest one more night, I may as well light another smoke then give sleeping another shot.


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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