The Lion Has Raised it’s Ugly Head

I hate being in pain!  I call it my  ”  Lion ”  it has different roar’s, like last night this morning and this evening  the roaring has been pretty loud,  I feel my ear drums are ready to explode and my mane is getting thin from pulling it out!

Last night just before climbing into the tub for my shower, my left foot/leg felt like it was being plumped up like a boiled wiener , I could not bend over to wash my feet, forgive me if they stink..

I was up at 5am this morning ( I remembered to turn the clocks back), the deep,deep burning pain changes gear so fast it is impossible to put a number on it, one minute it’s  sharp hot searing pain down the back of the  knee then to the ankle, then it can jump sides and cause me to scream out of the blue as it attacks silently, the pain  becomes stomach churning,  I feel like puking…..

Right now I’ve got searing hot needles in my ankle, behind and beside my shoulder blades is one big pinched nerve on both sides, my arms and hands have  swollen up and it hurts to move them, even to type, my disc’s are dissolving and major nerve damage has set in, I herniated a disc in my back about 4 times,  the last time it didn’t want to heal and it was in a dangerous position so it had to be removed, it was my  L5-S1.

The medications my doctor has prescribed me over the years (since 1990) haven’t really helped or maybe they have and I just haven’t noticed?, surgery,  multiple procedures (and then some) and multiple  injections even being hooked up to a 24hr drip of  Lidocaine , that was fun! ha! I had 6 months of relief and then it wore off, I was at the highest dosage so they couldn’t increase it=So no more relief.

The Pain Clinic gave me everything they had,  nothing worked, they sent me home and wished me luck, the Surgeon also told me I was born with a bad back, gee, how encouraging!  so here I am, on my own to watch my body wither (actually the exact opposite)/ expand.

There doesn’t seem to be any in-between , it’s either do it and suffer for a week or not do it and suffer 7 days………………

Which would you choose??

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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