Not For Childrens Eye’s Part #4 Yur Not Welcome!

I don’t think it was very long after the escape to the grungy downtown Hotel/Bar with my mum and my brothers, it probably was the next day we ended up back at the house where Vic was, all apologetic and loving but not to us only my mum. I don’t remember where my sister Chris was at these times but I remember her on her horse showing up when ever I got in trouble,  I was nothing but a tag along little sister she was told to watch over and babysit, a pest  in her eye’s.

One warm fall day I asked my mother if she could  take me fishing,  I had my soup can for the worms, a stick for my rod and string for my line, I was all ready to dig for worms. Her and Vic were out in the back of the property, I could hear them but not see them and was told not to come over the hill to where they were, she yelled at me to wait and we’d dig worms and go fishing another time. Ignored again! I decided to go and play with the girl who lived down the road (her parents owned the slaughter house) she was about my age but I was always so much taller than anyone my age so I was mistaken as much older. I asked her if she wanted to go fishing and she was ready and willing,  we scraped together about 25cents and dug our worms ourselves and hit the corner store for a couple penny bags of candy, we headed to a farm not too far down the main road, my partner knew the farmer and told me it was all right for us to be there and go fishing.  It had beautiful manicured grass, a bridge over a creek and  the perfect place for 2 eight year old’s for a picnic and a fishing expedition. We had a really good time!

It was a few hours later that people started looking for us, 2 little girls had disappeared!  The only way they found us was when they stopped at the store and asked if we had been there, the store owner told them we were over at old Mr. ??,s creek.  We had no idea we were in trouble, I got a Lick’n ( wooden spoon) and sent to bed with no supper, I didn’t go hungry though, I had a stash of Halloween candy in my closet just for one of these moments!

That  Monday after school my brothers and I and my fishing buddy’s brother’s waited for her  father, he had always given the kids  (my brothers and I included ) a ride home in the back of the truck , everyone had piled in and I was the last standing at the back of the truck waiting for someone to help me in, but no one did, I was told I wasn’t welcome, I was bad and  not allowed to get a ride home with them any more,  they were all laughing as they drove away, I stood there crying as they left me in the parking lot of the school.

It wasn’t long before I looked around and saw a friendly face in a crowd of kids getting on school buses, I walked up to him and asked if I could go home with him, sure he said, so off I went home with my new friend to his families farm and big loving family.  He asked his mother if I could stay for dinner, it was OK but I had to share his TV Dinner.  After a while my sister Chris showed up on her horse and next was a Police Car and then my mum and Vic in the Volkswagen van.  I knew I was in big trouble, but damned if I can remember other than getting sent to my room.

Sometime after that I was with my mum and Vic grocery shopping, like all stores back then and still now they had big open bins of candy, it wasn’t unusual for a person walking past grabbing a candy or two and trying them out, well I happened to grab one and began opening it when I felt my ear being grabbed and my head being pulled, I realized it was Vic, he was dragging me to the store manager to show me a lesson that stealing was bad.  When the manager seen and listened to Vic I could tell he wasn’t impressed with the way Vic was handling this, I was allowed to eat the candy but told next time I’ll need to pay for it.  After that episode  I had a real hate on for my mothers boyfriend Vic.

That spring we moved again, not too far from where we had just lived, it was a big Beautiful white house, a big fireplace in the living room,  it had a glassed in porch the caught the morning sun, it had an acre or two of apple tree’s that were all in bloom, I can still remember the beautiful smell of the blossom’s,  and I remember  catching fire-flies in the evening.  I loved that house, but it wasn’t for long.

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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