I’ve reached that age!

Wow, I’m falling apart!, I’m really noticing that I’m old!  I’m 45 ish, a few pounds overweight ( for my height), I was 5ft.11, a few years ago but I think I’ve shrunk an inch or two. I’m into wearing my husbands boxers now, they are so comfortable! I’m sweating under my boobs and believe it or not a fungal rash showed up,  ew!!! Gross!  I have a fungus growing from under my boob!! and in other creases that don’t see daylight anymore! Yuck!!!

Lately, I’ve been dropping huge bombs (farts) any time and any where, once scaring my poor little dog to the point he went running ! He won’t even sit with me in my chair anymore, afraid of getting bombed/gased to death, really! the don’t smell!! My husband says to me” what happened to the sweet shy Virginal girl I married?”  I just say HA!! giggle, giggle, sure had you fooled didn’t I????? SUCKER!!

I was in the hospital last night because the swelling near where I had a disc removed would not go away and the pain was making me frigg’n phyco! sleeping with ice packs and wondering around the house like a zombie was really bringing me down so I had hubby drop me off at he hospital while he went to do one of his jobs.

The nurse took my blood pressure, mumbling to herself, barely audible to me..blood pressure too high! I handed her my long list of med’s and she photo copied them, slapped a plastic bracelet on my wrist and told me to take a seat in the waiting room, so I hobbled over and sat down pulling out my book I brought to read, “Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul” so I start reading, it was a sad/happy tear jerk-er, I tried real hard not to start bawling but the tears welled up in my eyes and my nose started running and the people in the waiting room kept looking at me like I was infested with some crazy bug! I had to put the book away! So an hour goes by and finally I get called in to see the Doctor, then some nurse came over and took my blood pressure again and this time she was ” Her blood pressure is higher then when she was admitted Doc! she shouts across the emergency room!” it’s 202 over 159!! You should be dead the nurse says, well the Doc comes over and says to me, ” I’m not concerned about your pain, your blood pressure is over the top! Have you ever had a heart stress test? I say no, then he tells me…. you get on a tread mill and run and your hooked up to wires and it tells us how bad your heart is, but because you can’t run ( my disability) you’ll be given a shot  of stuff that will make your heart beat faster and faster to stimulate a stress test! Yikes! Well that freaked me out!  Go see your regular Doc in 1 month, then says ” Oh! Nurse give her a shot of Toradol in the hip and set her free”! Good Luck!!

Yikes! I went walking out of the Emergency like a Zombie, almost like when I walked in, it was dark and cold out and I had to wait for Hubby for 45 mins. so I sat on a brick wall as far away from the hospital as I could to have a Smoke,( your not allowed to smoke on Hospital grounds) It did not taste good!  I’ve been smoking since I was 14, so a total of 34 yrs!! I have to quit! no doubt about it! I’ve tried many times and have failed many times, I’ve tried all the pills that are suppose to help and patches, they gave me welts! Then there was the gross gum that taste like ashtrays so I guess I’m going to have to go cold turkey! But…… I haven’t tried those electronic, glowing blue cigarettes with different flavours!   Hubby smokes too so this is going to be Hell! He is going to get another side of me he’s never seen !  Hang On Sloop-e ! You Aint Seen Noth’n Yet!!!..PS….I wasn’t a virgin……..!

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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