What a Shitty Neighbour!!

I was out in the yard this evening doing my daily duty, picking up my 2 dogs crap before someone steps in it!

So there I was with a full bag of poop and a pocket full of strawberries, I decided to try and scare out the frigg’n Starlings that have taken over our eve’s with their 10 lbs of sticks and twigs, I took a guess as to where they were getting in ( from the trail of bird shit on our white siding)  , I wound up and tossed the full bag of dog poop up to the top of the roof, well it didn’t go to the spot I was shooting for, it landed on the top of my neighbors mini shingled  roof over their side door!!

I stood there with my mouth open and my mind racing, but nothing but panic was engulfing me except to run!! 

You have to understand, this house next door was rented by a Logging Company and we never knew who is going to be staying there! I realized earlier this week it was only one guy, and while I was out side this evening I could see which room he was in by the succession of lights going on and off, he was in the bathroom and I had little time to get this bag of shit off the roof before he looked out one of the windows and saw it!

I ran into the house gasping and out of breath trying to keep a straight face, begging more then asking my husband…… “Help! Help! I Need Your Help! I threw a bag of dog shit up in the air and it landed on the neighbors dormer above their side door !”  my husband started laughing, and said to me ” How in the Hell did you do that? No, wait, I don’t want to know! your in this by yourself, wait till morning when the guy is gone! I stood there going ” I have to get it off there right away! what  happens if he see’s it?? I have to get a long stick, then out of the mist my hubby hands me a long stick, where it came from I don’t know but it would do! So off I went….giggling almost hysterically!

  Ding Dong… I  heard as I pushed the door bell, as I waited I tried hard to gather myself but it was pretty hard, I could hear foot steps pounding down the stairs and the door opened to a guy scantly clad in just a towel, I stood there trying to keep myself from breaking out into hysterics I quickly explained why I was standing in front of him with a 6 ft. pole, as I told  him of my silly predicament he started laughing after about the 3rd word.  I don’t remember anything else of what was said but the guy in the towel closed the door and with a giggle off I went around the corner to get the bag of dog shit off my neighbour’s dormer!

I guess now I can say I threw shit at my neighbour, at least it wasn’t on fire!!



3 thoughts on “What a Shitty Neighbour!!

    1. These things happen to me all the time! Hubby calls me “Lucy” for ” I love Lucy” something always goofy happening to me!
      I’ve got lots of stories, so I hope your around to read them!
      Cheers! you made my day! 🙂


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