I Hate Birthdays!

Last week was my 49th birthday, Ya hoo! ya right!  It’s a day when you find out who actually is your friend, your Birthday should not be the day to be remind you, you have very few friends.  The only birthday accolades I received were from  automated sites that I’ve visited once in a blue moon! That’s really depressing!  Not even the people on my friends list ( Facebook) that I have wished every year a “Happy Birthday”  turned around and  wished me Happy Birthday!  Now that really pisses me off! Are people so self absorbed now that they can’t even have a little light bulb go off in their thick heads and think too themselves,” gee,  Fred wished me a Happy Birthday last year maybe I should return the salute! ” I guess not…..I must live in a dream world and when you turn 49  you shouldn’t even bother getting upset about a silly day, who are they to you anyways?  All that matters in my small little world is my hubby, he comes through for me every year!

This year I jokingly said I wanted a cheese cake and to eat it all by myself, not thinking that my hubby takes everything I say to heart, one year we were in a department store and I jokingly said OOooooh! a Crimper!  guess what I got!

So it was my birthday, I got dressed up in my new jeans, new boots, new jacket and did my long blonde locks a little different and made sure to wear my glasses so I can see where I’m going and where I’ve been ,but the real use of them is to hold my hair out of my eyes!

Hubby says come on, get the dogs dressed and we’ll go, so I put my Yorkie into his hand knitted hoodie and the Shi-itzu in his halter and off the four of us went on my mystery Birthday ride! …….   we went straight to the grocery store, a 3 min. drive from our house, ” Come on!” he said and practically dragged me to the back of the store to the bakery section, he said “pick a cheese cake”!  I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t…..I picked a Pecan, Caramel Cheese Cake, not a big one, 8 inches round and about 1.5 inches high, but it was a whole one and all mine!

Wow! that cheese cake was good! I didn’t eat it all, …at once! ha ha! hubby a 3 pieces but the rest was mine! I was in heaven!  It took me back to when I was about 14 yrs old, grade 10, my friend Megan and I went to her house one rainy day and low and behold her mom had all the ingredients in the cupboard for a “Quick Cheese Cake”, well that cheese cake was gone by the time I had to go home, it was the day I fell in love with cheese cake!

But back to the main reason, wishing people” Happy Birthday”, all I ask is for people to acknowledge and reach out to those who are on your friends list on Face Book or what ever site you go on,  a long forgotten Aunt or Uncle, Brother or Sister or old school friend,  we all have them, and not all of them have someone to wish them a Happy Birthday, I consider myself lucky!

Wishing someone a Happy Birthday can really make or break a persons day!  Just remember” Karma”  What Comes Around, goes Around!



3 thoughts on “I Hate Birthdays!

  1. I am in the same boat!! My hubs is turning 30 this year. I said ” I throw you a huge party!” He asked who I would possibly invite.. all i could think of was his brother and my grandmother! haha! So simple birthdays with the dogs… and cheesecake are the best!


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