As The Fog Rolls In

I was walking my dogs last night, it was about 6:45pm. It was getting dark and getting pretty chilly, I was cursing to my self that I had forgotten my gloves, my dogs were walking as fast as they could to keep up with me because they hadn’t had their supper yet and both were getting cold.

We walked passed the main street and I glanced down to the end where land meets water, I really wished I had brought my camera, I know my description won’t do what I saw justice .

I had to stop and watch, it was like in a dream, the fog was high,almost half way up the side of the mountain, it was flowing down into the inlet almost like it was in a funnel. The fog that was funneling into the inlet was rolling slowly down on the top of the water like bellows of steam that would be churned out of an old steam train barreling down invisible tracks.

I’m starting to think If I had my camera, I don’t think I could of done the vision any justice.


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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