Sammy’s Story

I sit here typing with one hand while the other cups my grumpy old friend Sammy, he’s earned his wings and is on his way to Budgie Heaven. I’ve wrapped him a nice piece of flannel and then I’ll find a box for him and he’ll be buried in my garden.

You see, we’re not sure how old Sam is, this beautiful turquoise blue budgie came into our lives about 14 yrs. ago.  It was in the middle of summer when my hubby started telling me he kept seeing flashes of blue in the plum tree when all the Bush Tits and Chickadee’s were eating out of the feeder I had put out at the end of the drive-way. My hubby is always full of making things up just to get my goat (another story: A fist Full of Money & A Goat), so I didn’t believe him, but he never gave up telling me he’s been seeing flashes of blue and then later it was a blue bird in the tree’s.

It was almost Fall when I got my first glimpse of this allusive bird I thought was “imagined”, we were sitting out on the patio and all the sudden we were being dive bombed by a blue budgie! Unbelievable! My first thought was to apologize to my hubby for me saying he was being crazy!,(didn’t happen!) then it was; this poor bird won’t live much longer because their is a resident Hawk who keeps an eye out for odd and injured birds and then, the weather was getting cool and damp and it wouldn’t be long before the cold wind and rain started, so my MacGyver mode kicked in. My idea was  basically an idea I saw on Cartoons when I was a kid, you put out a birdcage with a dish of food in it, tie a long string to the door and then sit and wait. to those who are skeptical … worked, I caught him!

I put out the word I had caught a Budgie and had a few calls, most were little old ladies looking for their long ago escaped feathered friend, only one asked if it was blue and just as I started saying, “no, it’s more of a “, they hung up! I was going to say a turquoise blue! It was probably her bird but she was too quick to judge, oh well, losers weepers, finders keepers!

I swear Sammy hated me all his life for catching him, he was the meanest little thing on two legs! One thing that we never figured out was if Sam was a boy or girl, the sere was blue when I caught him, then it changed colour, then it changed back to blue then back to a brownish colour and when Lucy was presenting herself to him he wasn’t the least interested. So, I guess Sammy was a grumpy old bitch! She hated everyone, even poor Lucy, who only wanted a close friend but Sam chased her around and picked on her relentlessly.

It wasn’t until the last few days when Sammy really looked sick did she want me to hold her, I couldn’t get her off me, she would climb into my shirt and up into my armpit to keep warm, I even put her on my chair beside Buggz my Shi-itzu, she cuddled up into Buggz’s hair to keep warm. If I let my other dog Petey near her, she would of been lunch!

Poor Lucy is going to be so lonely but I’m not going to let her, and I won’t let her grow into a mean old bitch like Sam, even though Sam had a loveable side that I only saw.

I have a few pictures of Sam near his last day, but my camera decided not to want to work, so I’ll re-post them when I get them done.


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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