Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

I was working real hard running a restaurant, I was in and out of my home late at night and early in the morning.

My only dependents were 2 cats, Fat Cat was one, a big fat neutered male, black and white with a belly pure white with a black target right in the middle!  The other was a beautiful grey and black striped female, her colour was almost green grey when she hide in the grass and hunted for birds. Fat Cat was a lover not a fighter, the closest thing he fought for was a Nacho Chip!

At the time my neighbor’s were an ancient couple, they seemed harmless until  one day I caught the old geezer standing out in his yard by the fence watching me in the shower, how many times did this old fart do this before I caught him?, I’ll never know.  His wife invited me over for coffee one day and her husband (who was on my shit list) started telling me how he always took care of the neighborhood cats who hunted the birds he feed in a feeder in his front yard, he could just open his front window and shoot the cats with his Sling-Shot.

I came home from work one afternoon and walked into my kitchen, I was shocked! it was covered in blood and laying in the middle of it was my big old Fat Cat! I quickly wrapped him up in a towel and rushed him to the vet , but first, I stopped at the neighbors house and gave the old fart a piece of my mind about him sling-shooting my cat and he was an F’n  Asshole and he was going to pay the vet bill and probably 100 other nasty things!( I was quite impressed how I told the old fart off).

I went to pick my cat up from the Vet later that day, I asked the Vet what caused the wound and his answer was Another Cat! He must of gotten into a cat fight while I was at work and his would burst!  Oh, Boy, did I feel like a heel!

Even though I still hated the old fart, I had to go and Eat Crow, he just sat their looking at me with a smug old fart look on his face ,after all that drama I caused he at least quit spying on me in the shower!



Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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