Trunk Monkey

We used to own a little 2 door Datsun, red in colour, it was a great little car, getting us from Point A to Point B, and one thing we liked about it was the back seat used to fold down making it almost like a small station wagon.

About 90% of the time we left the back seat down so we could just toss our stuff in the trunk, we were quite busy at the time and we had our little with us almost all the time , When we were out and had an extra bag or some groceries it was easier just to open the trunk and toss the stuff in, well, the same with the dog, just toss him in the trunk and he would pop up behind the passenger seat! We called him our trunk Monkey!

Well hubby was downtown one day and it was a really hot one, he had just finished  walking the dog around the sea wall and was just getting his keys out of his pocket when an older couple stopped to admire the dog from across the street, well before they could wander over and offer a doggie bone, hubby unlocked the trunk, picked up the dog and said to him,” OK!, Trunk Monkey, in ya go…!” and lightly tossed him in the trunk and closed the lid! Well, you should of seen the look on these people’s face’s!  It was about 90 degree’s out and this big burly guy was putting his little dog in a trunk! Oh! The Humanity!! I could just imagine the nasty things going on in their head, then up popped the dogs head behind the drivers seat and then out the window! Hubby drove away with a smirk on his face!! Good Trunk Monkey he said!!


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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