Sunday After the Deluge

Our local Rock an Gem Club put on a show this weekend and one of my High School English teachers was a guest,  Mr. Graham Beard, Vancouver Island Paleontological Museum, Qualicum Beach,BC., he is also a professional biologist.  I had read articles about his work on uncovering and finding many new and unnamed flora fossil’s, one he had brought with him and was on show, it was a delicate small leafed plant that really made me think of a tiny Spring Flower. I kicked myself for not taking any pictures today at the Cherry Creek Hall even though I brought it with me.

My hubby took the dogs for a good walk as I enjoyed myself reminiscing with Mr Beard and ogling at all the pretty stones and rocks.  As I stepped outside I saw the perfect group of pictures and away I went, hubby had scouted out a few spots to show me some wild weeping willows but it wasn’t the willows that caught my eye……enjoy my Sunday pictures.

Snow White Sunshine
Purple Crocus
Road to ???
The sun is shinning bright on the forest beyond the road as it turns into a hill
Fish out of water
Pastures  Edge


As tall as the sky
Twisted Trunk Junk
I couldn’t quite make out what was under the tree but it is some sort of machinery, if you look quickly though, it looks like the trunk is twisted.
Mt. Arrowsmith finally with snow
A beautiful day for walking the dogs down the endless road!
Sure made for a quiet sleepy pair of pups!

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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