Spring Brings My First Love

Spring always reminds me of my first teenage love, we’ve all had one, a song, a smell, a voice, a color, a time of year, mine was a corny line about blossoming  flowers, I don’t know if I laughed when I heard it  but if it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have remembered him at all, but we all know you remember your first love and you never forget them especially when they break your heart.

I was about 12yrs old when I started noticing boys, living on the farm in the middle of know where there weren’t many, one of my school bus buddies had an older brother and his name was Charlie White, he had just dropped out of grade 10 to help the family work the farm. He was the same age of my bother. He was cute, had that boyish charm blonde reddish hair that he always had to sweep across his freckled face to keep it out of the baby bluest eye’s I had ever seen, he was built like a brick shit house and all of 5 ft. 5″. I managed to get a picture of him from his sister,  I cherished it. My burning crush on him grew until I was in grade 8 or 9 (age 13-14).

That winter all of us kids who lived in the 3mile radius got together, we played hockey, or went tobogganing, then there was always a game of Mother Goose and the Fox,( it would take too long to explain) the main point is Charley always ran after me and of course caught me!

I was about 5′ 8″ then, so smitten like a stupid love struck teeny bopper!  My father went out of town for a weekend which was rare, very rare, Your right!  “PARTY” if you can say my 2 brothers, me,Charlie and his friend Delver,(who names their kid Delver?) I think between us we had 6 beer, it was real a booming party! Not! The small 4 room shack we lived in only had one door, to lock it  you used a pad lock, one on the outside and one on the inside, it was a was pretty easy to lock my brothers out  while Charley and I made out (1st base) on my dads cot that he slept on in the middle of the living room (don’t ask)  it didn’t last long before my brother got in and nicely dragged Charlie off and sent me to bed! Nice brother eh?

The next time we saw each other was another rare time our father went out, the local Legion about 40 miles away. It was about -20f, my brothers in the back seat of the boat Charlie called his car, and I in my flannel nighty, snowmobile boots,wool socks and one of those old heavy grey wool full length coats with bone buttons ( I was one real fashionesta back then! ) snuggled up beside my guy. His cold callused hand some how got into the top of my nightgown ( gee, how did that happen?) and I never stopped him, Wow!  second base!  he then started whispering things in my ear so my brothers wouldn’t hear, he says to me “your breasts are like small blossoms that will grow and sprout up into beautiful big flowers”!  not long after saying I was a blooming flower and a bit more of touchy feely we saw the head lights of my fathers old truck putting up the Hwy home , I had to go, I wasn’t suppose to be outside let alone sitting in a car with Charlie, I was suppose to be in bed! I ran, but it was more like a shuffle, the flapping of the buckles on my snowmobile boot’s echoing in the freezing night, I made it to bed in time, my head was swirling when it hit the pillow, my head swirled for about a month after that night. I don’t remember any other clandestine meetings, I just know summer showed up.

He showed up at my house to visit my brother one summer day,he had with him the town pump, she was glued to his side. I could see she was enjoying the show she was putting on, for me of course, he probably had told her I had a crush on him,  she scanned the yard as she got out of the truck and just then caught me peeking through the curtains of my bedroom window,  I just stood watching, not having enough guts to go out there and shamed for spying on them, I watched the hoar-er and in sorrow, how she clung & pawed at him that day, I watched how he reacted, I thought I caught a glimpse of an evil little smirk on his angelic freckled face when she whispered in his ear. I wanted to barf ! I ripped up his photo that same day. My summer was ruined,  I was laughing a few months later after the hurt faded because he would never know just how beautiful my flowers grew!




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