My Yorkie is a Cushings Dog …….Part One

Wow! What a View!

This is Petey, he’s 11 yrs old, my little shy sweetie pie. We’ve had him since he was 5, adopted from a home that never had time for him. We were picked out of over 360 people, we got him mostly for company of our Shit-zu, Buggz. Turns out they are only conscious of each other but if a dog or garbage can or a crow shows up on our street and it needs to be barked at, they stand side by side and back each other up! Other then that, they act as if neither exist. I think their play time ended the day Petey was chasing Buggz, Petey jumped on him, and in turn hurt Buggz’s shoulder….Buggz stays far away from Petey now, I think somewhere  deep down they are true friends.

Not long after getting Petey I started noticing something wasn’t 100% with him, and I also remembered a few things the owner hinted at, but didn’t outright tell me. She told me he was 3yrs old, I found out he was 5, I asked for some health records, she sent me his ” Pure-Breed” papers but not one thing from a vet. She sent him home with us with a bag of “Ceasar” dog crunchies that she got free,  a big bag of processed pig ears and his bed. I had so many questions.  We found out………

  • He preferred snicker doodles from a kitty litter box, or any snicker doodle from any animal, in any dirt.
  • He was a garbage hound, ate anything, anywhere
  • He was starving ALL the time!
  • He was food aggressive
  • He was the worlds fastest speed eater
  • He drank a ton of water, I was filling his bowl up 4 or 5 times day
  • He could pee on a thousand tree’s all in a row, and still have enough left to pee on Que
  • He seemed to have diarrhea almost all the time
  • He had separation anxiety.
  • He wasn’t leash trained or used to any hierarchy, he only knew he was the boss of the house, and was in for a surprise !
  • He wasn’t 100% toilet trained (out doors)
  • and boy could he Fart and clear the room

I put him on a good dry food with a bit of canned meat. It helped for a bit. I had emailed his previous owner and told her of my concerns with him, well you should of heard her, “yes he would get bloated and back up to a tree and let loose (bowels) because of eating all of that kitty litter, and I was  the type of woman who was a worry wart who drags her pets to the vet for any reason. It was the last time I spoke to her, I didn’t exactly like what she said.

About a year past, the weather was pretty cold, snow on the ground, I let Petey out for a pee and waited for him, when he  didn’t come to the door I peaked out and saw him laying on his side in the snow shaking in pain  and he wouldn’t move. He was at the vet the next day. They took a pee sample, gave his stomach an ex-ray, put a tube into his belly to drain any excess fluid and then drew a ton of blood. Poor little Petey, he was worn out and not feeling too well after all that.  So the tests came back, his blood was Ok, just showing he had a bit of an infection, where ?? the vet didn’t know and never did anything about it, the ex-ray was hard to read because his stomach was so bloated, his liver was a bit enlarged, and very little fluid came out the stomach drain, they said his stomach eased a ton as soon as he was taken out and had a poop! We talked about him having Cushing’s, she said he had some of the symptoms but it could be almost anything, he was still pretty young so she was not convinced, basically she said to take him home, keep a diary on him and if he gets worse bring him back. So home we went, almost $400.00 less in our pockets, and no answers .

A few months later he started having really bad diarrhea to the point of losing a lot of his body weight, turned out he had worms from eating some stray cats feces (I had found what was left of it because I caught him eating it). He was given a De-wormer and that just gave him more diarrhea so I took him back to the vet , he was put on antibiotics, one that helps calm diarrhea, it helped somewhat, but he was going downhill, vomiting up almost every meal, his hair was falling out and he was limping and showing lameness in his hind end, every symptom of Cushing’s, I was beside myself, I had to be a Pro-Active pet owner because the Vet’s weren’t helping, just raiding our pockets. We are both on a disability pension so we don’t have much money at the end of the month, we had a credit card but with all these vet visits, it was soon maxed out.

I figured with my background in Cooking and more recent, working at a health food store and doing my own research for a family member with Hepatitis C ( the liver) and having the health food stores bible in my book case ” Nutritional Healing”, I started my quest to find answers and help poor little Petey, so I read and read, making many notes, then I hit the internet, I found new info everyday, I compared and studied and made up a list of what I thought would be the best that I could possibly provide our little Petey.

Stay tuned for part 2, the regiment I put Petey on and his health today!

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