Weekly Photo Challenge : Textures, All From Nature

I love looking at  nature's " Textures", there is just so many to choose from!
I love looking at nature’s ” Textures”, there is just so many to choose from!

I think what we step on and don’t notice is sometimes more interesting then what we see at eye level.  There are so many layers of “Texture” for example in this photo but you must have a keen eye:  The ruff part of the fence (paint peeling), the smooth bare spots, the moss & mold making a sandpaper feeling part of the wood, the mist of water covering the spiderweb,  the woven sticky silk like web, a small piece of moss fallen on top of the web, and if you take a real close look below the moss and too the right you can see a tiny puff of grey, a pin feather that has fallen from a passing bird  that landed right upon the web, a freshly fallen plum tree leaf in the right hand corner, a smooth soft texture, the grass and creeping Charlie and the small clumps of gravely dirt from a worm.

Yes, I spend way too much time with my nose to the ground…..my neighbors are starting to talk! lol….!!!


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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