Death Watch……it all comes down to money

We’ve been sitting and watching our little dog Petey for the last few days, his 9 Lives seem to have run out.  I say 9 Lives because I’ve brought him back from the brink of death I don’t know how many times, but I know this time is his last.

He stopped eating yesterday and nothing in the last 2 wks. have stayed inside him, and what’s been coming out has been pretty scary.  Last night I took him out for a pee and it seemed to take forever, if it wasn’t for his little blue shirt  glowing in the dark I wouldn’t of seen him, he’d fallen and couldn’t get up.. (no pun intended).

We know it’s his time to go, he’s been struggling with Cushings for 1/2 his life, , I think that’s why he was given away so freely, he came to us when he was 5, we’ve had him 6 yrs., We aren’t struggling with the thought of putting him down because we’ve come to terms with it.  I  called our Vet yesterday and told them it was Petey’s time to go, they said ” it will be around $200 due at the appointment”! I was flabbergasted! $200?? I don’t have 5 cents! Can’t you bill me? “No, we don’t let people do that anymore, don’t you have someone you can borrow it from?? NO I don’t!, well, she said, get back to us as soon as you can pay for the euthanasia.

I was in shock, how dare they! I’ve given those people thousands of dollars over the last 8 yrs, just 3 months ago I payed them over $1500 for my other dogs teeth!  My hubby was furious, he said we’re never going back there! What they are doing is Animal Abuse! I agree totally!  I called the SPCA and talked to them, yes they can help because we are on a limited monthly disability supplement, we do though have to pay $50, and there is no one in till Tues. that can do a euthanasia.  This is what you get living in a small town! So Tuesday it is.

I think what I’ll do is write the local paper and shame the Vet Clinic, but this clinic works closely with the SPCA of this town so I don’t know how well that will go over, but I know it will sure stir the people, I’ll be put on the spot for the “The poor shouldn’t own pets because they can’t afford them” or it’s my fault my dogs suffering because I don’t have the money to pay for his death , well you know what I say to that???  Go Fuck Yourself !  I cried myself dry yesterday, today I’m just angry!

This crap that I, we, are going through is unbearable, even my other dog has been showing stress over the sickness and the lingering of his little buddy, he is sticking close to him though, expecting a share of all the different and special foods we’ve been buying for Petey to see if we can stir his hunger, but Buggz is allergic to almost everything so he’s feeling a bit left out, so last night I made his fav, roasted potatoes with my home-made seasoning salt, it seemed to help.

I have to go now, Petey’s disappeared into the bowels of the house via the kitchen, I’ll keep you up to date on Petey’s condition, right nowDialogue between Dog and Master he’s actually searching for food and eaten more today then he’s eaten in the last 4 days, ( Dam it’s so hard to not get the hopes up !). I just want to bury myself in my blankets and never wake up!  But I know I can’t do that because there are others in the house who depend on me.


3 thoughts on “Death Watch……it all comes down to money

  1. It’s hard to find Vet that are compassionate about animals without thinking of business. When the time comes, I don’t believe in euthanasia, but I will ensure a good palliative care for my cats.

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    1. Thank you, had a ruff nite last nite, up at 3:00am cleaning up the only thing he would eat yesterday…Cheerio’s and the cookies I make for them, boy they make quite a mess! go figure! I guess If I was on my way out I’d only want ice cream! Got to keep laughing, or I’ll cry
      .Thanks Mer!


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