WRITING 101…………. Tick Tick Tick

I`m sitting here in my living room, it`s 98 degree`s out, 75 in here, I`m starting to sweat. My choices right now are too go for a nap or go check on my little Petey who we are on a death watch for, waiting to get in to the Vet for the apt. for his euthanasia.

Petey just made my decision for me, he came wobbling out of closet that holds my husbands sweaty, stinky ball equipment, Petey is quite fond of it.  He started spinning which usually means he has to go out for a pee, I picked him up and down the stairs we went.  I guess I misjudged, no sooner did we get to the grass he manage to slowly get back up the stairs, how many empty trips has this been? I`m getting tired and I’m sure little Petey is too.

I picked him up and put him beside me and it wasn’t long before he closed his eye’s and fell asleep. A few minutes later he just started thrashing and kicking, I picked him up and it didn’t help so I layed him back down in his little bed that’s beside my chair. His little body was shaking like a leaf, then went absolutely rigid like a statue, he was peeing himself but there was no movement.  I kept shaking him but there was no response, I thought he was dead but then he blinked and his little chest started heaving up and down, then like nothing happened he got up and wobbly wandered into the closet again.


4 thoughts on “WRITING 101…………. Tick Tick Tick

    1. Petey’s off chasing cats and people who carry fly swatters now,(I’ll write about it one day), It was so hard, hubby just couldn’t get himself together to
      be there, so I was a basket case after. My poor baby Buggz (my 12 yr. Shi- itzu) he’s just lost…. We’ll all be OK, time heals all, So They Say, but who in the Hell Is They??? maybe one day we’ll figure it out.
      Ta Mer


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