10 Minutes of Gibber Gabber

Standing in front of the kitchen sink cleaning spinach I for some reason I started to hum” LaBamba”. I automatically started to swing my hips but quit as soon as I realized what I was doing, I’d be sorry tomorrow!  As I shook the green stuff I seemed to hum louder and for some reason started to try to get the dog to “Speak” when ever the verse “La la Bumba” came up, oh, I need to get out more!
So, I took my dog for a walk, 1/2 a block down my street is a big Oak tree, as we walked under it I could of swore I heard a cat meow, like a cat stuck in the tree, I tried to ignore it but my love of animals drew me back to the tree, the dog went off sniffing, so here I was under this tree looking up and not seeing anything, then a movement came into view, it was a crow! so I clapped my hands and it flew away so I figured it was trying to eat what ever that was crying, I walked away only to be drawn back to the constant meowing, I was baffled!  I took another look up and there it was, a damn crow actually meowing!! Quite a good mimicker……..

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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