3 thoughts on “Photo101: Solitude: a cold deserted shore line

  1. Hi , I love this photo, cold and very desolate, perfect for the theme. You were kind enough to comment on my photo of the statue in the park in Brussel. I tried to reply but it seems I can’t reply to comments left on photos or at least can’t work out how to. I never imagined I would come across anyone who had links with Rawtenstall so it was lovely to read your comment about your family. When living in Sydney I watched a BBC series called “The Survivors” and to my shock an entire episode was filmed in Rawtenstall including a scene in the hospital in which I was born. Thank again and have a great weekend! Andy


    1. Thank You Andy: I just need to ask if you don’t mind, Until a couple years ago I found out one of the ladies of the Rolly Polly’ Tap Dancer’s (they appeared on a Variety TV Show and for the Queen) was my Grandmothers Niece! I’m going to find out which one so at least I can put a name to the Rolly Polly Great Aunt! This is the only link I found of them tap dancing..I feel like I’m related to British Royalty…all from Rawtenstall !! lol.. Was that series “Survivors” in the 70’s? I faintly remember a TV series of “After a War people try to survive?” Here’s a link to the old Tap dancers,they might jog your memory! or have a good laugh!! Cheers!

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