Photo101: Pop of Colour A Rare Visitor

Yellow Sparrow


A Rare Visit of a Flock of Yellow Finches, They Show up Every Year But Never Stay For Longer then One Day, They Move So Fast and Are Hard To Photograph, They Add “A Pop Of Colour “To The All Pink Plum Tree!


6 thoughts on “Photo101: Pop of Colour A Rare Visitor

    1. I have about 20 photo’s of these little birds, and each one is only a flash, this was the best and your right! he is kind of camo’d, I love that I caught his eye, he’s looking right at you! Glad you liked it!

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      1. Have you played around with the color? Maybe if you lighten the color around him or highlight him. Just fun to play! But it is perfect the way it is!

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      2. I don’t like to play around with different colours unless it’s just a quick adjustment (auto-adjust on Windows)! lol….
        I don’t have very sophisticated equipment, I don’t even have a cell phone!!

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      3. I just started to try it here and there just using normal window edit. Nothing I have is sophisticated either but I do have a cell phone 🙂 Look forward to your other pics!


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