Enthusiasm Sucks!

After dinner the other night I asked hubby “So, how was dinner?” he diverts his eyes away from me and says ” it was OK,” I said “what does that mean? either it was good or bad, which was it?”  He shyly says to me ” You put  lots of enthusiasm into it !” , I stood there starting to feel my face going red, I was getting pissed!  He still couldn’t come out and say if it was good or bad so he threw the word” enthusiasm” at me with a twinkle in his eye, he was playing with me, something he does a lot, trying to get me mad, for some reason he thinks it’s fun a challenge! I shook it off because I came to the conclusion if he ate the damn food, it must of been good!  I just Hate the word Enthusiasm!

When I was in grade 4 our class had to sing “Candy Man” for the Christmas Concert, in choir practice I gave my all, I filled my lungs with air and belted out ” The Candy Man Can, Cause He Mixes It With Love and Makes the World Go Around!” !. Mrs.Olsen, our teacher took me aside and said ” You have so much Enthusiasm!  Wow! So Much! I  think I said thank you!, thinking I was the best singer in the whole wide world cause I had Enthusiasm!! Little did I know I was dreadfully awful, she was trying to find a way to get me to quit my screaming….

Well, I shone bright at the X-Mas Concert. I even went into grade 5 thinking I was a singer. We had moved over the summer to a farm, way out in the middle of know where, the fields of Northern Alberta where I was able to climb up to the top of the barn and let my lungs rip!  (I hope know one heard me) except the chickens and pigs. I loved music from an early age, I had my own AM radio, and I was listening to it the day Elvis died, but the only 2 records I had as a tween was “KISS” ( I think their 1st record) and a record called Nilsson, “The Point” a real good Stoner record about a boy named OBLIO who doesn’t have a point (on his head) everyone else does, Rock People, Pink Fat Ladies ..I’ll have to put it on here one day, it even has a 7page story to follow.

Anyways back to being drunk in a Sing-A-Long Irish Pub one night and hubby volunteers me to  sing with the hired guy on stage! Well that was fun, people were laughing and getting into it and so was I, hubby was purple with laughter and having a blast, so it was a dream come true! I was a true singer! at the end of the set it was time for me to go and sit down, the guy (hired singer.) bent down and whispered into my ear…You sure have a ton of ENTHUSIASM !



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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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