Photo101: Treasure My TREASURE

Since the nerves in my arms,back and legs have basically disabled me, I’m lucky if I can scrape together dinner maybe once or twice a week and hopefully it’s not burnt!  You can’t believe how much this ticks me off! I was a Sous Chef! worked with some of the best Chefs in Canada, was in the top 98% of the Class when I went back to school to learn more about cooking, I was even offered an apprenticeship at “The Four Seasons” in Vancouver (a 5 *Hotel),but I decided to stay closer to home and I was preparing to take the Provincials, man I was pissed!

This was the Medal I earned for being such a good student and Chef! It’s My:happy hump treasures 026 TREASURE.

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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