PHOTO101: GLASS ” Glass From Another Time”


My glass treasures I unearthed from the rubble of an old China Town that had burnt down in the early 1950’s. A few bottles are from late 1800’s to early 1900’s!

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glass 012

glass 011


My favorite is the small GALLOWAY’S Rheumatism and GOUT Cure Pot, I dug that out of a cliff! Also in the ceramic pot are a few “Opium Bottles” . Some people that were digging had holes up to 5-6 ft deep and they were digging out dozens and dozens of old Opium Bottles.


3 thoughts on “PHOTO101: GLASS ” Glass From Another Time”

    1. I find that funny!they lived in the bathroom on a wire shelf above the toilet with an inch of dust on them! I took them all out, cleaned them, put them on one of the little shelves above my kitchen sink where I just have a bare 13watt swirly light,(you’d think I would have a proper over the sink light,Not!) it took me a bit to fit them all on the little shelf,I really liked how the light made the blue Alka-Selzer. Bottle and the blue water in the Listerine bottle stand out! I used a setting of one pic with flash and one without, you can tell which is the one with flash! the pretty blue! Sorry I rambled…


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