Photo101: Triumph ” CATCHING THE WIND”


Catching the wind
All my Life I’ve been mesmerized by the strength of the wind, but yet, you put your hand out and it flies right threw it……….You can’t catch the wind, or can you?? I was standing outside in a wind and rain storm wanting to show how windy it was. I must of took 60 pictures and only a couple out of the 60 caught the wind whisking away the leaves of the big Maple Tree. I cut out the ugly house that the tree belongs too. I count about 5 or 6 leaves in the air. The Pictures are taken towards the top of my street, which is a Soft Ball Field with lights.

This photo was only able to catch one leaf!

shroom and all otherNov.2014 066


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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