Storm Serge!!

The title just doesn’t look very dangerous does it? lol..maybe next time I’ll do all uppers!

Today at approx. 3:00 pm at a 10ft high tide, hubby and I decided to check out the Sumas River and how bad she was overflowing, wow! what a surprise. On the radio they said there were about 10 families that had to be evacuated from their homes. Parts of the Sumas River overflowed onto the Hwy #4 to Ucluelet & Tofino just over the main bridge going out of town (Port Alberni). They have a major detour you have to take.storm 002storm 005storm 013 storm 015 storm 016 storm 018 storm 027 storm 035 storm 036 storm 037 storm 038 Their boat is at least close to the house !storm 040 A river over flowed into these peoples back yard and more!storm 043 This is the back of a house that faces River Road, I took this picture down a road on the other side of the riverstorm 045 This is a house that is on the river bank, I say they have more then just a basement full of water!storm 050 storm 055I hope this little bird house survives storm 056Part of a wharf and ramp storm 058someones wharf oops! storm 061 storm 067One Duck out for a swim storm 068The Whole Family’s out for a swim! This is the Towns main  Marina,Looks like the Ducks have taken over. storm 074 Some one decided to put a X-mas tree with decorations up on this viewing spot, there was even a tin on the picnic table, I didn’t have the heart to open it, I think it’s for the memory of a lady that the Bench was Dedicated to. storm 075Buggz got in this photo with the tin of ????? storm 090 Looking up the river to the marina where the ramp was closed.storm 082

You’ll also see pictures of swamped wharfs and floating shelters that have been overcome by the raging water, some people who live across the road from the river have rights to land and wharfs on the other side of the main “River Road” edge of the river, I say they have lots of work ahead of them!


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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