Family Does Not Always Mean Related!

I received an email on Christmas day that made me smile and feel very loved. It made me snap out of my depression. This is a quick history of this email.

Many years ago I was doing my family history,  all I knew was that my fathers family was from Hungary, he was born 1 year after his family immigrated (1931) to Montreal,Quebec. It wasn’t until 12 yrs.ago when I got my first computer, I went on line and started searching, I searched for days,I finally found their immigration papers on the Canadian Government’s Census, the logs of the Ship-line’s that brought thousands of immigrants to Canada. I saw the Hungarian/German way my last name was spelt, there listed was the name of the small village called Vemend,my families home town.  About a 2 hr. drive from my Hungarian families town, was a man also looking for his family, we met on line and we helped each other.

My new friend was Gab, ( Gabrielle in English) a married school teacher looking for his relatives, hopping we were related but sadly not, he was also looking for someone to teach him English, he knew I was searching for my long lost family so we made a deal, I teach him English and he would go to the town Vemend, get an appointment with the local Priest and look up the family name in the local church. He wrote me back about a month later with a list of  my Great Grandparents, Great Uncles and Aunts and tons of Cousins. I found my family, and I didn’t take long getting a hold of them, but I was taken a back with their reply, they couldn’t understand why I was writing to them??  They were surprised but not very thrilled, it was more like they thought I wanted something from them, we haven’t stayed in touch .Aszmann Records in Vemend, Hungary

Every Saturday at 11:30am I would be on the computer with my mic and headphones, Gab on the other side, we started with easy rhymes and phrases,and I would give him homework, he’s done amazingly well, he’s gone back to school in Budapest at a College, traveling 5 hrs a day one way even while fighting Prostrate Cancer (still is). I get a letter from him every few months,  once he wrote me asking my help/opinion about a women asking around town looking for young women to go to the States for Nanny jobs, it wasn’t that long before that I had  watched a show about ” European Women Sex Slaves” being lured away by a woman saying she hires Nannies for people in the States, he thanked me for saving his daughter!  His letters are  always signed with Love from him and his wife. They are my Hungarian Family. He’s sent me photo’s of his daughter’s wedding, and just recently his sons wedding……Now to explain the photo’s !

Gab and wife Aggie are sending us Christmas presents, a scarf hand knit by his daughter-in-law’s Grandmother Hungarian spelling- (Nagymama), truly the same kind of women that scared me to death when I was 5 yrs old (my Grandmother dressed in the old country style clothes and smelling of garlic and paprika, sitting in the shadows). My hubby gets a hand carved mask of a Buso, I can’t wait to see it! He’s also sending me Paprika seeds which I quickly replied to him the “Customs Agents will be Confiscating Them!” Maybe we’ll see it on that TV  series about Custom Agents or sniffer dogs sniffing out illegal herbs and plants,  the god awful Paprika Seed! in different counties

These Lovely Masks are called Buso (pronounced BOOSHOE), They are Traditional Hungarian Idols, they attend Weddings and many other ceremonies and are said to Banish Winter,Bring Good Harvest,Happiness and Good Luck!(pronounced BooSho)

A Hungarian Paprika Plant I might or might not get seeds for20141118_075859                                    The Couple Arrives in a Horse Drawn Carriage IMG_20140920_152145  IMG_20140920_165635The Traditional Boco and  Hungarian Maidens with trays of alcohol shots for all the guests to toast the new couple! (picture below).CAM00391

Had to slip my Fur Baby in and he’s  Not Liking The Hood On His Sweater!x-mas day and humingbirds 003                                       HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERY-ONE !!!

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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