A Photo From My Arm Chair

My lovely camera is on the fritz, it was given to me freely so I should be appreciative of the photographs I’ve been able to take. So I hope I can find some good ones stashed away on CD’s. Last year was pretty rocky, I’m glad to put it behind us,it started with losing our old Budgie “Sam” he was 13 and I caught him while flying freely with chickadee’s early one fall,  then we lost our little love and joy “Petey”, we still aren’t over him. We were able to put a new roof on our house, but it leaked when we had that big old storm blew in. Our other Fur Baby Buggz had to have dental surgery and now only has 9 teeth (even after brushing his teeth since being a puppy), now he’s growing a hard lump on his chest and has large soft lumps on each side of his groin! It just never ends! I did get a pretty good picture of an Anna Humming Bird on Christmas Day, It didn’t look that great so I played with it…… Enjoy!Hummingbird ShadowAll this stress has put me down in major pain for the last month and a half, trying to stay positive has been difficult but I keep going,going,going….just like an Energizer Bunny! But the Bunny at least got out of their PJ’s after 3 wk’s ( I didn’t)! I will be debuting a new Blog soon:  So look for  “Full Moon Mutterings”  it’s basically about Things I find Weird and Strange, Funny things and Stories, and maybe a few surprises, oh and I can’t forget… Rants and  Raves…..I want it to be  “Interactive” and have people give their say!  I’m going to use “TheWestCoastCrazyLady” mainly for the Photo’s I take (as soon as I can get my camera  fixed or a new one) and  Full Moon for Writing…………Oh, and men be warned, you might not like the changing Header Photo’s of Full Moon! So there you have it, Welcome to a New Year ! from the Crazy Lady and hopefully I’ll see you visiting both of my Blogs! Good Health to all and Good Wealth also!! (I can dream can’t I??) Cheers! Ladybuggz


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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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