Spring ? Already?

All weekend we were watching the news and weather, big winter storm going to hit the east coast of North America, Blizzards and snow warnings and hurricane winds and something I’ve never heard of ” Snow Thunder”??, We sat in our modest little dwelling as we watched our area’s weather forecast, highs of 10 c with sun! We chuckled and make fun of our relatives in the east.

Something strange is happening outside, while I was outside perusing my yard I noticed my gardens plants are sprouting up through the ground, tree’s are pushing out pussy willows and I found 2 dandelions in full bloom, this should not be happening at the end of January!  It should be cold and raining or at least a bit of snow on the ground… not 10c and sunny !

spring in January 105 spring in January 107spring in January 035 spring in January 030 spring in January 113spring in January 139spring in January 117

spring in January 138spring in January 142spring in January 110spring in January 109spring in January 119spring in January 110spring in January 124spring in January 109

spring in January 126spring in January 131 spring in January 133spring in January 163                                         A Beautiful End To A Beautiful Day!

spring in January 050 spring in January 054

One thought on “Spring ? Already?

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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