I just recently went to the walk in clinic to see a Doctor because for the last 3 wk’s I’ve been dealing with mega Ulna Nerve Pain, the one that goes down the arm and makes your pinky,ring finger and middle finger numb and pins and needles, the pain between my shoulders was excruciating  Years ago I had surgery on my right lost soulUlna Nerve to no avail. I barely got out why I was there to the Doctor, I was then dissected .

So I walk into the Doctors office, he asks why I use a cane, I tell him I suffer from chronic nerve pain and I had back surgery for a herniated disc, the surgery didn’t help, and I have barely no reflex in my leg.  He asks what med’s am I on, so I give him the list I carry around with me, he looks at it and asks me ”  If you have barely any reflex in my leg and all the med’s I have tried and had no luck with I shouldn’t have any pain…..he writes out this saying ” IAMNOWHERE” and tells me to tell him what it says, I glance at it and say ” I am no where” . He then tells me “most people with that answer are  “depressed and feel like they are no where“, then he asked me ” What kind of childhood did I have?” so I told him it was pretty bad, then he told me that most of my pain is Psychosomatic, and all I really need is to talk to a shrink to get over my bad childhood, as soon as I do that the pain I’m feeling will go away and all the meds I take will also not be needed, then I’d only have to take antidepressants!

Next he asked me if I had nightmares, I said no, just a reoccurring one where I’m either trying to get somewhere or I’m trying to get somewhere but I don’t have enough money, he told me “Those are Nightmares!” then he asks ” what do you feel every time the phone rings?” I said ” I hate the phone, I cringe when it rings cause I think someone wants something!” ” Do you have children?” I say No,  because of your childhood? I don’t know, maybe? I just never had that tingle in the loins or what ever you feel when you see a baby, I just decided not to have children”. Then the Doc says”  You have PTSS!  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, probably from your childhood”  I just kind of sat there with Ya Right! look on my face, Oh, now I imagine my pain and until I talk to a shrink, I’ll never be “Not in Pain” and then I have to deal with “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”..  O K ?? “Oh! he say’s,  take this and go get yourself an ex-ray for your neck!  I’ll send your Regular Doctor a note on these subjects..”

So how did your Monday Go????Better then mine I hope!

Please let me know! How did you see the Title???

5 thoughts on “IAMNOWHERE

    1. I read it I am no where! that’s funny how these doctors try to phyco anal ize a person and label you so fast, well, I don’t mean your situation isn’t funny I think that’s pathetic! Have you ever read the Chronic Pain Proclamation, well I’ll put it on here and you can copy and take it to another doctor.. maybe it will help!
      I ended up at the Emergency one night because I was in megga stomach pain (IBS) they exrayed me and told me I was full of crap (lol) they gave me a bunch of laxatives, well they worked but my stomach was still in knots (I’m on methadone for my nerve pain) as soon as they seen that their whole attitude towards me changed, they started talking down to me like I was a junkie SEEKING DRUGS! I was so pissed off, I now refuse to go the the hospital (unless I’m absolutely dieing!). So, I know where your coming from!
      email me if you’d like to talk further, OK?? take care,


  1. I have fibromyalgia. My doctor insists that my condition is due to depression. I cannot remember a day in my life without pain. Yet, I’m told I’m in pain because I’m depressed. “We have to treat the cause, not the symptoms” he says.
    “I’ve been in pain my entire life, that’s bound to bring anybody down a little bit. Anti-depressants make me fat and lethargic. I’m in pain, give me something for my pain”, I say.
    “That’s drug seeking behaviour”, says the doc.
    Exasperated I shout “Drug seeking behaviour is when I take my fifty bucks and go downtown to the local drug dealer and ask for a bag of whatever-the-f**k”
    Now, I couldn’t get a t-3 prescribed to me to save my life & if I want pain pills, I *am* forced to find some seedy dealer to buy them. Way to go doc.
    Doctors seem really quick to dole out the anti-depressants, I suppose a lethargic, docile patient is much easier to deal with.


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