Our Spring Wander

spring walk feb 16;15 109
A Jet Stream?
Tulips grow anywhere
Daffodils On the Edge
spring walk feb 16;15 082
A hidden Daffodil amongst the Pine Boughs fallen from a storm
Mt. Arrowsmith
Mount Arrowsmith with barely any snow……not good!
ball 3
I found it….it’s mine !!
Ball 2
Just let me sit and get a good taste of this hairy ball!
given a tennis ball,heaven
spring walk feb 16;15 074
Crocus’s under the pine tree
1st Crocus of 2015
Purple Crocus growing in the shade
True Canadiana
Creek down Ravine
The creek at the bottom of the ravine, way,way down there!
Kind of forgotten
snowdrops 2015
Snow Drops behind fence
Hav'n Fun!Buggz
I had a great walk! Now where’s my new ball ???

My old pup Buggz and I set out on Tuesday for a nice stroll around the neighborhood, I’m so lucky to live in such beautiful place, even though I’m closer to the Ocean here, there isn’t as many accesses and they aren’t made for disabled people as was in my previous home, also transportation isn’t that great here either.  Sorry Port Alberni. So I just wander my neighborhood and find beauty in the cracks and crannies.


2 thoughts on “Our Spring Wander

    1. He once carried/dragged a huge orange teddy bear? (bigger then him) home that he found by someones garbage, people were stopping their cars just to have to laugh at him! He was so Damn Proud of himself!! I don’t know what I’d do without him! He’s my Bud!


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