Weekly Photo Challenge: Rewards

I am REWARDED each & every day with the love & companionship of every one of my past and present pets. They don’t Judge you, Question you, Tease or say Mean things. They don’t Care if your 100 lbs or 500lbs or have a big zit on your nose. More to lick! They Love you as you are and that has to be the best Reward anyone could get!

Hav'n Fun!BuggzPetey waiting for treat1909699_1215846000023_7752919_n

Our beautiful little Petey, sob..he was a reward and a half! He passed away in October of last year.

I dedicate this page to a dear man who passed away a couple months ago, I am rewarded having known him! he was a man who actually only had a 1/2 a Heart that caused many health problems. He was a Man with more Heart then many, He always had kind words and encouraging actions,he adored every person and animal that came into his life and was adored by everyone ! !

We’ll Miss You Erich!

So Sweet she is....
Look Deep into My Eyes…..My Beautiful Banditt who choose us to live with us and protect her…….passed away 2 yrs. ago

DSCF1036SnowBall 001

Fatcat and Mouse 001 Gold Fish 001 Rascal one 001 Rascal 2 001 Indy & Buggz 6 months old 001Sammy the boy in Blue passed away last winter, age 14.

This kitty was Snowball,he was born in Alberta,left at the back door of a Meat Shop, he came to BC with me,  in 1979,he disappeared not long after I left home in 1983.

These 2  are Fat Cat and Mouse, Mouse was rescued from a box crushing machine, she was so tiny. Fat Cat was just that a fat kitten   as we both lived on rice till my payday! I miss them dearly.

All these fish had names, my fav. was Klink,the large calico Goldfish, he was over 10 inches long by the time he passed.

This was a friends dog (more ours) named Rascal, he was the Best Pit Bull I’ve ever met, he was so sweet. Broke our hearts when he got sick and passed away from Cancer.

This was Rascal 2, a replacement of Rascal 1. His life was cut short when he jumped out the truck window while parked in the RCMP parking lot. He was tethered to the steering wheel, he choked to death……

This is my dog Buggz (still with us) and his little sister Indy (on the right.) I don’t know if Indy is still alive but I have a feeling she isn’t. She’s my sisters dog…..I’ll say no more.

Knowing and loving all these animals has brightened my life and given me a reason to live and love,it is the Best REWARD a person could receive even if they left us with a broken heart from their passing,


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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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