Photo’s on 4- Wheels at 80km\hr. and more

Just recently we had to make a tip to Nanaimo, the big city, one hour there and one hour home, fighting the tourists as soon as we get closer to the “trap” spots of Coomb’s Country Market (the one with Goats on the roof),Qualicum,Parksville and Nanoose..

I tried an experiment with my camera, it’s not something new,many family holiday trips have blurry pic’s taken out of the dirt caked windows! So it was my turn.. take as many photo’s as I could through my dirty passenger window,being dog holder,co-pilot and in charge of the sandwiches then trying to keep Buggz from licking the food before handing them over to hubby…….a few pictures are from the #2 Dam in Nanaimo where we go if we have a few extra minutes to pass if we’re early for whatever we’re in town for.

trip nanaimo St.Paddys 081
Just entering Cathedral Grove, maybe next time we’ll stop and show you these big brute of tree’s.
reflections in a beard , nanaimo St.Paddys 094
Zooming past Cameron Lake, if you take a good look you can see the few cabins on the other side. The stuff on the left bottom is Hubby’s beard. The lake is like glass.
A Giant Garden Elf
I took this picture of the big long pasture and basically the view, I never realized until I uploaded these pictures the Giant Elf was in my picture! ” A OK!” or Travelosity??
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 068
Closer to Mt. Arrowsmith, the view going through the mountain pass
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 088
One of the Big Douglas Fir Tree’s in Cathedral Grove blew over in the last wind storm ( It’s bigger then it looks in the picture). There have been people killed in the past when wind storms have blown over some tree’s.
The beginning of Cameron Lake at 80km/hr, just past the beard…!
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 125
The beginning of Collery Dam #2 in Nanaimo The next few snaps are the Dam and it was a strange hue,bright but dull out, the water was like glass,it’s hard to tell what is reflection and what is real. . These Dams(3) are in line to be taken out,( gotten rid of )because they figure they are a risk of collapsing if a large Earthquake happens. It’s such a shame, they were our favorite swimming hole when we lived in Nanaimo.!
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 084
These mossy tree’s were on the edge of Cathedral Grove Sorry they aren’t in order.
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 085
Edge of Cathedral Grove
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 158
The reflections in the the window
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 097
Along the Free-Way . a Dairy Farm
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 128
The part of Collery Dam that they think isn’t safe
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 129
More water coming out of the Dam
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 130
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 131
Are ya coming Ma ??
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 132
A beautiful reflection at the Dam of the walking bridge along the trail around the Dam.
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 133
The water from the #2 Dam enters to the #1 Dam
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 138
Another angle of the bridge at the Dam, a perfect mirror!
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 141
Another beautiful reflection.
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 142
Hard to tell if this pic is upside down, but I don’t think so.
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 143
Happy Tired Puppy!
trip nanaimo St.Paddys 146
Waiting patiently
A sign and it looks like an old bottle???
trip ncountry clubanaimo St.Paddys 118
Some Blue Bells in a parking lot

I  choose a few that are my favorites, I hope you like them! trip nanaimo St.Paddys 089 trip nanaimo St.Paddys 126 trip nanaimo St.Paddys 150 trip nanaimo St.Paddys 160 trippy 2

I just love moss covered tree’s


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