Ode To Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds have been far and few between this year, one showed up today for a quick check of one of the feeders, but was gone as fast as it appeared (  At this time of year at least 4-6 little birds are buzzing around my plum tree, but just the 1 today and the flowers are almost all blown off, I find that very sad.This has been the warmest winter I believe on record (if I’m wrong, let me know!) and there has been barely any snow or temps. dropping below 0, and this is why the erratic sighting of the precious Hummingbird. Where did they go, or are they sticking to their regular schedule/calendar and not relying on the crazy warm weather?? I just don’t know!

So here is a painting I just finished. Enjoymy Tiles 014


One thought on “Ode To Hummingbirds

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