Real Canadian Style!

I wrote this story about Real Canadians a few months ago, other then changing the name it’s now Spring and I thought I’d share it again!

It’s turn the clocks back night! Yay! another hour of sleep, just what our wrinkles need. I’m actually excited to share this time of the year with all of you, as Canadians have a secret that starts the day after Falling Back.  What it actually means to us is “Falling back in the snow” and making our winter houses, the tried and true ” Igloo”!

Our local hardware stores have stocked up on the new and improved Igloo forms, they look like a big round wide cookie cutter, they’ve always reminded me of a 6ft high, 2 ft. wide hamster wheel.  This wheel can be pushed, pulled and even sat in while you roll over the wide open fields of snow (that the loggers have cleared) up in the mountains. This cookie cutter is just wide enough to cut the blocks of snow and ice you need, but you still need to use the old timers “Ice Knife” to shape and form the blocks when you get them home. We usually have a block party and all chip-in (once in every 7 yrs) to purchase the forms so everyone can bring a piece home so not to take away from the room in your truck for the snow blocks.  We have what we call “Build an Igloo Pot-Luck Block Party” and everyone helps each other well into the night until all people on the block have their winter homes!

I’m very proud to be a Canadian and too partake in this Tradition, I also love my winter home and am always amazed at how warm these Igloo’s are, our Power bill goes to almost nothing and I still get great satellite signals! The only bitch is making it big enough to get the washer & drier to fit in!

Well, it’s late and tomorrow is “Block Cutting Day” and I need all the strength I can muster!  Here are photo’s from last year!

We all get together and cut our ice/snow block's
We all get together and cut our ice/snow block’s
Canadian Igloo
The Basic Canadian Igloo, They are bigger inside then you think! See next photo.
Inside our winter house, looks bigger when your in it!
Inside our winter house, No furnishings yet.

3 thoughts on “Real Canadian Style!

  1. This actually cool. I have never seen snow. Can you imagine?

    My stepdad’s from Canada. I’ll ask him why he didn’t ever tell me about this!


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