The Worst Day

Don't think they don't use people as targets!
They know what their Aiming  at!

And it’s not over yet!

When Newton discovered gravity I don’t think it was an apple that fell on his head, it was a big Sea Gull crap!  When I discovered it today, it was a big bucket full of dog crap that I felt fall on my head! (only literally).
Yes, I had a really bad day, it actually started yesterday when I was filling a form out on a Government web site.  Because my computer is dieing a slow and painful death the form took me over 2 hrs to complete, then I had to sign it by entering a secret code, well, I only had 3 tries to sign in and every pass code I put in didn’t work so it kicked me out and told me basically to “F” off until I get the code fixed. URGGGGG!!! Now I had to try to save all the work I just entered, it said “No” I had to start all over again! Not a happy camper here! So I sign myself back in and it tells me I have a “profile created” but no authority to enter any info! What?? I made a special trip to the Government Office, I stood in line for over 1/2 hr and the lady behind the desk took all my info and said ” there, your all set up!”,I believed her,  Well She Lied!! I was not All Set-up as she stated!  It wasn’t very long after that my computer started crashing and losing the internet signal, I was getting a little hot under the collar,  I must of caught my hubbies eye because it’s not often he says to me ” Slowly unclench your fists, get the look of murdering off your face, close all the open pages on the idiot box and turn it off, then Slowly walk away from it before you throw it across the floor!  The words of wisdom hit me and I actually did as he said! A rare moment!
The next day I wasn’t in a rush to turn the computer on so I had a leisure breakfast, I then remembered that I can solve the problem over the phone, I called and went through all the crap of press this if you want this or press this, finally after 20 min. of pressing and punching numbers 20 minutes all to be told “Wait time is over 30 min.” so I hung up pissed off again! after calling again I found a button to push to have them call you, I thought I’d try it…….they called back 1- 1/2 hrs later but at least they fixed the problem.
Mean while, I stripped the beds and was in the middle of washing a big load of sheets when I noticed the machine up and stopped just before the draining and spinning was to happen, we tried everything and couldn’t get it working so we now had a big load of wash sitting in a big tub of water!  But I now know where the Wash Machine’s Black Hole is!!  Easy you say ” Just call the repair man”!  Uh….it’s so easy when you don’t have two dimes to rub together! This same problem happened 4 yrs. ago and cost us $90, I can just imagine what it will cost us this time? We have no money till the end of the month, It’s a bitch only getting paid once a month. I know exactly what ‘s wrong, something  fell over the edge of the washer tub..probably a sock of all things, ( I do believe one of my fluffy warm socks is missing) it’s plugging up the water pump, easy to fix you say?? Well come on over and fix it then!!

A few days ago I called the phone company telling them I’ll be a few days late paying the bill ,”they say fine, no problem! Thanks for calling” ! I then I get a disconnection notice in the mail today! I can’t frigging win here, there or anywhere!! Then I got one of those annoying phone calls at 8pm last night ” Hello, I’m calling from Micro-Soft,You have a virus..bla..bla..bla, well if they don’t take me off their list after last, then they are stupider then I thought, I think I made the guy cry!

I guess I have to find a job where I can just sit or lay (on my right side all day) and it allows ice pack breaks and time for my med’s to kick in (oh about 2 hrs). and I’d have to make a deal where I can only come in and work for a few minutes when I think I can do it! Ya Right! in my dreams…I guess We’re destined to be poor and miserable, the same amount of money we’ve been getting for the last 10 yrs  can’t seem to stretch it any more then it is!  The cost of every thing is going up, our Hydro up 6%, House Taxes up 3% our Phone/Satellite and Internet cost us almost $300/mo, it’s insane!  We”ve got to win the lottery …as soon as I can collect enough pop cans, to buy a ticket.

Sorry this turned out as a rant, but I feel better getting all this off my lumpy chest! Have a good night!

Cheers Everyone!!


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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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