The Unknown Artist

What a beautiful day to sit out in the garden!  No, Really, my new friend asked me to a Selfie because she did a picture of her back and her hair, so Vanfan, here is mine! Oh my, I see streaks of grey!

The Unknown Artist
The Unknown Artist

9 thoughts on “The Unknown Artist

      1. No, I’m blonde! lol!! but I guess it’s gotten darker as I’ve aged, my hubby is a red head! Oh, another good story I wrote it’s called ” Why Men should wear underwear”.
        don’t worry, I’m not offended by saying my hair is red! !


      2. Oh, dark blond then, I don´t know what hair colors are called lol.

        Yes I read that one and commented. ( I think. Like I said, sometimes I intend to do something and get distracted. Fibro brain lol).

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