Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate, The Fly On The Wall

Fly on the WallThis little Fly sits on the wall of my bathroom, never moving but always listening and watching! But no one seems to see him!

Hence the saying: If Only To Be A Fly On The Wall !

He is made from  intricate parts of a computer, cut, bent, molded and filed. He is everything but an insect!  He is Art, my little fly on the wall! .


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate, The Fly On The Wall

    1. We had a friend that was on bad, bad drugs ( but we didn’t know at the time) He would sit for hours zipped out of his head and concoct neat things out of old computer parts, this was one of his creations he let me have…..if you’ve ever seen the inside of a computer you can see the legs are chips? from a computer’s board, He turned it into ” A Fly ! ” then we kicked him out of our life and told him never to come near us again, because of the drugs and from stealing from us!

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      1. I have known people like that too, but I´ve gotten too old to tolerate that kind of problematic crap now, I´ve stopped trying to “save” people who don´t want to be saved. 🙂


      2. That’s exactly what we tried to do, we opened our home to them and all they did was steal and rip us off, that is why we moved to this town we are in, we knew no one! We kind of like it that way!
        It was a neat Fly though!! lol..


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