I Ain’t No Designer…..

OK people, After living in a house with baby crap brown coloured walls for 10 yrs, it’s time to play  ” Help the Colour Challenged Person !” I can’t even dress myself let alone pick colours for my kitchen!

This is my weird kitchen, the window is frosted because it looks right into my neighbors kitchen, I also don’t have an exhaust fan and am financially challenged so I can’t change the counters or appliances.

I want to put up a couple shelves on the big wall, hopefully putting my antique cracker tins on them (they are red), I have a few decorations that have a bit of red, and I like antique things, want to get rid of the god awful handles on the cupboards and drawers, maybe put on brushed nickle with white ceramic knobs? In front of my window is now a microwave cart with all of my plants on it, and it serves as more storage for my appliances. There is a mirror above the sink, and 3 little shelves on each side.

I also put the chair back at the round table and have my stool on the other side of the kitchen counter height table, I use that side as my little painting/art station.

So come on people, throw your ideas at me…….I’m an open Vessel !:)

ugly kitchenDSCF1010DSCF1006The rectangles on the wall over the table are just test patches I did with my Acrylic paints! I have changed it around a bit so all my appliances aren’t out in the open

Next is a picture I tried to paint in the paint program on my computer…..I’m not very good  at coloring in the lines! lol!painted kitchen butter yellow I like the Turquoise/Green and a bit brighter yellow !


4 thoughts on “I Ain’t No Designer…..

  1. Uh, that last one you made in the paint program just gave me a migrain lol!

    This could be fun though. Do you think that you could maybe try again and get a less noisy/grainy picture of the first part? It would be easier to try and color in. The one in the middle with the table and microwave is fine. 🙂


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