Magnolia’s @ Spring, Vafann Style



Magnolia and SpringA Photo on a friends Blog inspired me so much I wanted to paint it, Here it is!  I added a few extra’s to add a bit of me, I hope you like it!  Please open it fully to see the whole picture!

The Original called “Spring-1” can be found at:

Thank you Anna-Lisa!


One thought on “Magnolia’s @ Spring, Vafann Style

  1. Oh that just put a giant smile on my face!! It´s lovely! And the ladybugs, you don´t know what you did by adding them, ( well I´m sure you knew what you doing, but not to me) they are very symbolic to me, I´ll tell you about it sometime! You should hang that in your new kitchen!

    A lovely surprise! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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