Cereal Killer!

I was brought up with the mindset “You have to eat breakfast to get a good start on the day”!. So every morning I’ve eaten basically the same thing every morning for the past 40..something years, cereal, milk, 1/2 a banana and a dish of yogurt (actually I stand and eat it out of the container till I think I’ve eaten enough!) shh…don’t tell anyone!.

woman in fridgeI had 2 brothers to compete with when it came to see who would get the prize out of the cereal box first, I always seemed to win!.  I’d pour the whole box into a big mixing bowl to find the prize no matter what, then try to shove it all back in the bag before anyone got up out of bed, I wasn’t a very tidy kid! so I was told.

So, this story brings me to last month, hubby went shopping and brought me home a box of Rice Krispies, written on the front of the box it said ” Free Inside! Cereal & Milk Straw, Free with purchase, Limited Time Offer, While supplies last!

As soon as it was a reasonable time to eat I dove into this box looking for the prize, I started to shake the bag and massage it and damn if I could get this wonderful prize to show it self, I finally realized I was turning this bag into dust and I’m not the only one eating it, so I mustered up the strength to stop molesting this poor bag of Rice Krispies! So for the next few mornings I gently shook,dug and held the bag up to the light trying to see where my damn Cereal & Milk Spoon Straw was!  After the 4th bowl I finally came to the resolution that they ripped me off, No “Cereal Milk Spoon Straw” in this box!! I was more then ticked! I was so ticked that I almost wrote the company but my hubby talked me down. So I resolved to just grumble every morning I poured a bowl of cereal.

This morning hubby went out to pick up a few things from the grocery store, he came home with another one of these boxes, I looked at it with disdain, mumbling to myself “you fooled me once! your not going to fool me again!” as I opened it up.  I pulled the bag up a bit and low and behold there was my prize!! A red “Tony the Tiger, Cereal & Milk Spoon Straw”!! I grabbed it and ran (I mean hobbled) into the living room and waved the prize in front of my hubbies face, he then took it  from me and opened the package,and of course it came in two pieces, you have to put it together!

Once it was together he handed it back to me, I looked at it and shook my head, “What kind of morons came up with this design?” I said, I put it to my mouth and gave it a suck “hey! you can’t suck up your milk and cereal once it’s  in your spoon!”  “the straw part is on the back of the spoon??” ,” You’d need a bowl at least 5 inches deep! ” I stood there looking at this cheap piece of crap that if you didn’t get one in the box you could order for $3.50 !! I put it on the counter and dug out my own “Real Cereal Spoon” ( not a spoon that would give my mouth blisters because of it being cheap plastic) and I continued to mutter my total disappointment this ” Free Prize” spoon brought me! I overheard hubby saying “OK,enough! quit obsessing over the damn spoon”, so I did…….right after I finish writing this blog and writing to the company!


7 thoughts on “Cereal Killer!

  1. Reminds me of the crappy prizes that came in boxes of Cracker Jack when I was a kid. I never got a decoder ring or anything cool… just some stupid little plastic piece of crap made in a third world county!

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    1. and if it’s not in the box the kid will drive mom or dad crazy until they buy it! they charge $3.50 for it! and the little kid that made it gets .01cent per piece!… and No Cereal for you! ….Sorry that was a bit of the Soup Natzi coming out from! (Seinfeld ).


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