It’s Been A Jungle Out There You Know!

Today started at 6:00am, we were out the door by 8:00am, I was Due at the hospital at 10:00am to have my ear operated on, you see I have/or have had a common’ish thing called:

Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis

A very painful growth on the edge of the ear, as it sat on a nerve and it would rub till it was raw and never seem to heal. It would wake you up in the middle of the night screaming in pain! I lived with this thing for copious  years! And they will Biopsy it to see if it is cancerous.

Surgery was 1 hr. late, typical, then we had a 2 hr. wait to see my regular doctor to get all my drugs refilled, then out of the blue I had to do a pee test which was fine, I had just a bit stage fright, my Doc says to me just fill the cup and give it to the nurse in this room, he pointed to an empty room, finally a nurse comes in and I walk up to her and she says” get back” I’ve got all this as she points to a few papers “I have to do first” , Oh for Pete’s sake! I just want to go home I said!  I then I had a little old lady try to get me to calm down, 5 minutes later a nurse came in and helped me. The drive home took 1.5 hrs,  Finally!!! my bed awaits! I lay down and sleep eludes me.

I get up and open my computer and out of the blue I looked down at my feet they were red and swollen and they hurt, my back pain was screaming!  All the sudden these words start coming out of my mouth……

My feet hurt

my head aches &

I don’t feel like talking,

don’t want to go to the show to see Dr.Zhivago,

don’t want to take the dog out walk’in.

I just want to sit around here, in my easy chair

it’s been a jungle all day you know,

The 1432 Franklyn Pike Circle Hero is home.

I was shocked at all the words that tumbled out, as the last time I heard them was about 35-40 yrs ago. My long gone sisters 45’s were handed down to me and I listened to them almost every day, this song in particular.  I don’t know who sang it or where it was made I just know it made a little girl happy and I thought about my sister when I played them (this was in 1975).

Now I sit here, the freezing in my ear is coming out and it hurts like shit! It’s time to relax in my easy chair, because it’s been a jungle out there today, the Franklyn Pike Circle Survivor is home ………!

ps….the song also had mentioned a blue station wagon and it was full of neighborhood kids, if anyone knows this song please let me know! It might be British?? I’ve never heard it since.

Have a restful sleep cause I know I won’t!!DSCF1026

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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