I’m So Distracted By You but…. Thank You!

I am in a time crunch to get the picture I’m painting for my Nephews wedding finished.  All these posts from all the people who I’ve come to love and adore are pulling me away from my daily duties!

I guess it’s unfair to blame you guys but you must stop writing about and posting neat stuff!! Let me get me work done!! AARRRGGGHHstock-photo-screaming-young-woman-with-eyes-closed-holding-her-head-257413708PS…I have been told I now have the attention span of a Nat…..so, Really, it’s not your guys fault!

I’ll let you all see my painting if I finish it in time, I’m really impressed with it so far!!

Also I’m pleased to share, it’s year three now that I’ve been Blogging, it’s Great! I think I’ be a 50 yr. old  Hooligan spray painting buildings and reeking havoc on this little city…If I  didn’t have an outlet for my always wandering mind. I also helps to have a 171 Great People Following me, I’ve never had people follow me unless I had food or alcohol!! So,

Thank You From Deep Down To My Toes !

Mrs. Cashmanilla (Crazy Lady)


Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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