Being Poor, Dumpster Diving and other Stuff……….

When being poor a meal of spaghetti (if you make enough) can last you at least 4 days, 1st day it’s great, leftovers 2nd day sometimes even better, leftovers of day 3 getting a bit dry, add some water, maybe put it on toast on the 4th day, a little ketchup might give it some taste! Any leftovers past that day are given to the critters, unless starving! I’m so sick of Spaghetti I can’t even eat it anymore! Then yesterday hubby asked for guess what for supper?? I don’t know if I can do it…
One year not long after claiming Bankruptcy I went to the library one day and found a book called “The Art of Dumpster Diving”,I brought it home as a joke, but when I started reading it I learned a lot.  This book was written in the States, I guess back then the rules of what grocery stores could throw out was non-existent. The person writing the book was describing their cupboard at home, it was full of non labeled cans and every meal was a gamble! You can usually figure out what food comes in certain shaped can’s but when it comes to tuna shaped cans you might just be having cat food on moldy(only a little) bread for super!Inspirational---Discover-Dumpster-Diving-Poster-C12085747The day I decided to Dumpster Dive it was a friend who gave me the heads up with it, he lived in an apartment and over looked a big green bin and someone was moving out, his first thought was to call me since hubby was telling everyone I read a book on Dumpster Diving, he thought it a big joke, but I sure showed him!!  I came home with living room curtains and a pile of VHS video’s from a Video store  (obviously porn corner) and low and behold a about $2.00 in pennies! Yay! I was hooked!

When I moved to this town I’d take the dog for walks down the alley’s and behind second hand stores, wow! I hit a honey hole! I was pulling stuff out left and right, sometimes the stuff was brand new and still had price tags on it.  My Dog loved it too, he was obsessed about little stuffies, all clean, no holes, he was pretty disappointed if he didn’t get one every time! One of the last times all I found was this 2 ft. tall and 2 ft. long yellow bird thing, well it was the same size of my dog, he was damned and determined that he was taking it home and he didn’t quit !  He’d stop every few feet spitting fluff out and trying to get a bit more saliva in his dry mouth, it took him about 3/4 hr. to get it home, on a usual 10 min walk!  People were driving by laughing and saying ” Oh how sweet” or “Gee is he determined!”. He played with it for about 2 wks then it got put in the give away pile! They padlocked all bins now so no more free-bee’s! I garage sale’d most of my finds and made some paper change and  some of the stuff went to people for X-mas presents, shh….don’t tell them!

Now when I take the dog for a walk I always bring a bag or 2 and pick bottles and cans and what ever I can find…they add up, you’d be amazed!

We don’t have air-conditioning, but we have fan’s in every room keeping us pretty cool, our city was the hottest place in the whole Province of BC today, 36c in the shade (almost 100f), the trick of the poor is get up real early(at least 6am) and open every door and window and get the fans blowing the cool air in, then no later then 10:30am close everything up ,keep your curtains closed too! just keep the fans going and don’t open up the house until at least 7:30 pm  when it’s well on it’s way to cooling down.

I finally got my hair chopped, first haircut in over 5 yrs., I used to go to a salon and spend $25-$40.00 but this year I went to magic cuts, I even hesitated on giving a tip, but since I used a coupon I didn’t want too seem that cheap so she got a $3.00 tip,(the amount I saved from the coupon!), she did a bitching damn fine job!

Everyone knows the saying “You can live on Love” and we all know that’s crap! No you can’t, but if you have food in your cupboards, Ramen noodles and no-name KD from the Food Bank or a few non-labeled cans of mystery meat, the roll of toilet paper from the gas station down the road, Oh & don’t forget the light bulb from your neighbors porch light, and if you’ve got a roof over your head tonight and you live below the poverty line, Smile, cause at least your alive and there’s lots of virgin dumpsters just waiting with your name on them!


3 thoughts on “Being Poor, Dumpster Diving and other Stuff……….

  1. I hope things have gotten way better for you! Hey, can you do me a favor? All of my blogger buddies are going in my junk mail, due to some yahoo glitch, can you re-follow me so I can see if that puts you back in my regular email? Thanks in advance, I hope it works!

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