Cute Little Critter!!

I was walking my dog at the Rogers Creek on Friday, the creek almost dry the grass under my feet crunching, yet it was a very nice peaceful day but you could feel the humidity building in the air as it was suppose to rain the next day. Mr. Buggz was on a sniff fest, totally oblivious of what was going on around him.
I just happened to look up at a tree that was right in front of me, I saw this little and I mean little critter scratching itself on the lowest branch, it didn’t seem too afraid of me. I quickly fumbled for my camera almost forgetting I had it! It climbed down the tree head first in a spiral motion, jumped into the stones beside the creek poking it’s head up a couple times then scampering onto the bridge, it turned and looked back at me a few times.
The little squirrel made me giggle like a little girl,I had a feeling like I was just told a secret, and it made me feel giddy.  Mr.Buggz, well he was still sniffing what ever it was that caught his attention earlier, he looked up at me questioning my giggle! All I said to him was “Snooze Ya Loose Buddy” lets go and find dad!DSCF1044This is how dry the creek is, so glad it’s going to rain!  It won’t be enough but it will help!

The little Squirrel
The little Squirrel that had been watching us
I think I’ll pose this way….
Then  I
Then I”ll pose this way
climbing up to the bridge
climbing up to the bridge



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