There in our towns News Paper down in a corner on page 5 I found this contest, “Jello Dive To Win an $8000 Mystery Vehicle”!!! Just write us a letter telling us why you deserve a new/used car! Well that’s easy!

That was on Friday, It took me a few tries to get all the info right, telling them about how the car leaks gallons of water when ever it rains and we can’t find where it’s coming in and how the seats are now moldy  and it’s all you can smell when your in the car, which isn’t good for my Immune challenged Hubby or anyone who has Liver problems and Osteoarthritis, and needs 2 new hips and how the car is starting to become unreliable and the engine light won’t shut off, if the car dies he loses his job ect..ect..ect.. All of this is true ….I had to stop myself to keep it down to one page. I told them my hubby didn’t know I was doing this! But I got him to drop the letter off this morning.

Well, this afternoon I got a call from the newspaper saying I was picked for the Jello Dive!! ya!! but he was worried about my disability and having to jump into the jello and it will be a bit physical, all I answered, “For a new car, I think I can hurt for a few extra days!” So people, keep your fingers crossed that I can go through this and come out with the key to a new car or I should say a new/used car !!

Then the next week I’m off to my Nephew’s wedding in Edmonton, they are flying me out! That is another story in it self ….. next time!  Wish Me Luck!!

4 thoughts on “JELLO DIVE !!

    1. I’m sure it said Diving?? I know it sounds stupid but I got a great little twirl followed by a belly flop!
      I bet it’s just jumping in and feeling around for keys! which ever way, I got sharp elbows and a big butt!!


    1. If I win by some chance in Hell with Elbows and knee’s fly’n, you can have our old little car, but it would cost lots of money to get it to you, it’s a cute car, a 2003 Kia Rio wagon,back seats fold down, hatch back and a real pretty blue! back seats are a bit moldy…..if you don’t mind a bit of mold??? lol!!


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